Monday, December 5, 2011


Happy Monday. 

Did the weekend seem to whiz by, or was that just me?  I can’t believe it’s December 5th already.  20 + 5 = 25.  See what I did there?  Get it, get it?

Okay, so a big part of the holiday season has to do with gift giving.  We can argue about whether or not that’s a good thing later.  But, good or bad, it’s a fact.  I’m the boss.
We have a Christmas Party coming up on Saturday and we are doing a Secret Santa gift exchange at it.  Do you have one of these at school, work, or among friends and family?  It’s a nice way to spread a little cheer (and usually a few laughs) without breaking the bank.

I’m not going to tell you who I got for my Secret Santa.  Then it wouldn’t be secret anymore. 

Here are some cool Secret Santa gifts for $10 and under.

If you were me, then you would have already bought yourself a secret santa gift.  We already talked about the tree, but check out the goodies.  Christmas Mini Eggs.  They’re not coming out and calling them “mini eggs” and they are in fact, ball shaped, but let me assure you, they ARE Mini Eggs.  As Far as I’m concerned, they’re the best thing going.  

1 - Cute Christmas Tree + Holiday Mini Eggs
$6.99 + $2.99  – Publix + Wal-mart

2 - Watch your toes.  Shark Socks

3 - Ice Cream.  It’s never too cold for ice cream, if you ask me.  Especially if you live in Florida. 
Hook your secret santa up with a $10 Gift Card to DQ, Coldstone, or your fave local spot (like Marble Slab which is across the causeway near the mall).

4 - So handy.  Fork-Knife Chopsticks

5 - Deliver your gift while it’s serving it’s purpose. 
Grinchy Cup Cozy + Starbucks Holiday Drink
$6.50 + $3.50 – Etsy + Starbucks

6 - I actually have these and I love them.  They are great for anytime.
$6.99 + $1.99

7 - Awkward Family Photos Book.  Hilarious.  Also comes in Awkward Holiday Photos, and Awkward Pet Family Photos.  Equally as hilarious.

8 - Support!  HBC Olympic Mittens.

9 - The King Cocoa

10 - Cute Travel Speakers for the jet setter.

What would you love to get as a Secret Santa gift?

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